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Why Amlaan?

We, at Amlaan, believe in staying connected to the roots of nature. Derived from Sanskrit, the word ‘Amlaan’ means pure. Our aim is to provide the world with a wholesome variety of natural products for daily use. In the process of creating these products, we exploit the knowledge from ancient Indian cultures, using natural herbs for their medicinal goodness. This is why our products are known to have no side effects. Moreover, we can proudly say that all our practices from processing to packaging are eco-friendly.

We serve the three main human requirements : Food, Health and Beauty. Our products are actually some of the most influential tools for having glowing skin, staying young and healthy, and maintaining a vigorous lifestyle for people of all age groups.

Amlaan is a venture of Olitia Foods Pvt. Ltd. which came into existence in Jan’2015. Olitia is also working in association with the Government of Rajasthan in the cultivation of Olives in Rajasthan for the production of olive oil and world’s first processed olive tea.

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Amlaan A2 Milk Story

Our story

Research shows one in four people supposedly suffering from lactose intolerance has only digestive issues with the milk they drink. We went to the depth of this to conclude that the reason was something else entirely. These people couldn’t digest the A1 milk protein. Interestingly, desi cows always produced A2 milk but back in 1970, during White Revolution, our cows were crossbred with the ones from Europe. The hybrid cows could produce more milk but with mostly A1 protein. More than 100 researches show that A1 protein milk increases the risk of type-1 diabetes and coronary heart diseases. Regular milk, which is a mix of A1 and A2, causes inflammation and bloating due to indigestion for some people. These people had given up on milk.

This is why we took it upon ourselves to revive desi Gir cows and bring the pure delicious A2 milk back
At Amlaan, we have always believed in serving our customers with healthy nutritious products. Know more about how we ensure the best care for our cows to bring naturally delicious milk to your table. Visit us at our farms.

Why Amlaan A2 Milk?

Commercialization has invaded the natural ways of growing anything. Amlaan intends to bring those days back, when things were done with love and patience. We are nurturing our desi Gir cows with utmost care to make them feel at home once again. We strive to give more people the pleasure of enjoying the nutritional goodness of their real delicious milk.

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