Our Cows

Gir Cows

All of our cows are certified A2 milk producers. Amlaan aims to revive the dying desi breeds like Gir cows from Gujarat. You can identify these breeds by their long horns and the hump on their back. Gir cows are natively found in the Gir forests of Gujarat. These cows average 385 kg with a height of 130 cm.
Gir cows are gentle breeds and they enjoy being with humans. They would love it if you brush their heads or their big dew laps. They are very social beings. At night, they sleep with their calves under their necks.

We have established Olitia Breed Development Research Center to further our initiation in finding the perfect milk for you.

Desi Cow
Gir Cows

Feed and Fodder

We take special care about what our cows are fed.

1. Dry husk of wheat and sorghum
2. Silage, maize, sorghum mineral mixture, salt, soda

Silage: A mixture of fermented plant
Sorghum: A grain plant in the grass family