Our Farms

Our Farms

Close to Sikar in Rajasthan, our farms stretch across a beautiful piece of land where we have built a home for Gir cows. In this home, we have taken every effort to recreate the conditions for our cows to produce milk the way nature intended. The Amlaan community raises cows responsibly like their own.

One sip of the milk produced here, and you can taste the love and dedication that has gone into the entire dairy process. You know why? Because our cows are happy! Only happy cows could give the most perfect and delicious milk.

Amlaan Farm
Amlaan Farm, Desi gir cows


In our farms, we have built high ceiling sheds to ensure proper air flow. Large fans keep blowing sweet air to keep our cows chill and help them get through their daily mood swings without getting worked up in the heat. In our spacious sheds, cows have all the luxuries, even a massage center. Special measures have been taken to ensure cleanliness such as automatic taps.

We believe that no mother should be separated from her child. This is why, in our sheds,every cow lives right next to her calf.

The cows and their calves live together, in the sheds arrayed with all the amenities which are luxuries for the cows The shed has an automated water system and taps which start only when the cow is near to it, devoiding the chances of water being contaminated.


Automatic milking process
There is an automated milking process for all the cows and that’s how all the milk is collected without any impure human touch. We don’t believe in taking a stab at our cows by milking them with hands, because/and we omit everything that hinders the purity, that we strive to deliver you.

Cooled at 4 degree Celsius
We give just the right amount of cool that your milk needs. Cooling it at 4 degree Celsius gives it a shelf life of 24 hours.

Healthy farm for cows


Packet of A2 Milk

Cows are not the only mothers we preach, we take care of our nature too, with our paperboard, biodegradable
packaging, we aim to go easy on nature.